Brett Ashley Leeds
Rice University

with assistance from:
Andrew G. Long,
Michaela Mattes,
Sara McLaughlin Mitchell,
Jeffrey M. Ritter,
and Burcu Savun

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We ask users of the ATOP data to employ the following citation:

Leeds, Brett Ashley, Jeffrey M. Ritter, Sara McLaughlin Mitchell, and Andrew G. Long. 2002. Alliance Treaty Obligations and Provisions, 1815-1944. International Interactions 28: 237-260.

ATOP data are available in six basic formats with six different units of analysis: the alliance, the alliance phase, the alliance member, the state-year, the dyad-year, and the directed dyad-year. All six formats and the variables included in each file are explained in detail in the ATOP codebook. In addition, we provide data for the same six units of analysis excluding nonaggression pacts (see page 12 of the ATOP codebook), and we provide state-year, dyad-year, and directed dyad-year data designed for easy merging with other datasets provided through the EUGene Data Generation Program and through the Correlates of War Project. You may download the data as STATA .dta files or as comma delimited text files.

Changes from Previous Versions:

All prior releases of ATOP data can be found below, along with documentation of changes made in newer versions.
ATOP Data, version 3.0, Last Revised May 10, 2005

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